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Saturday, December 10, 2011


New Year's Resolution Sale

When working with dark-colored yarn, use a light-colored hook. When working with light-colored yarn, use a dark-colored hook.

Keep a basket handy for saving odd and ends pieces of thread and leftover skeins or ball. Use these leftovers to crochet small motifs of varying colors and simple easy crochet patterns. Join these motifs to create unique and colorful dresser scarves, tablecloths, bedspreads, or anything you can imagine. Or, use them individually as small doilies, coasters, bookmarks, etc.

Variegated indicates thread or yarn that changes from one color to another (baby pink to white to baby blue). Ombre` indicates thread or yarn that is all one color but in varying shades (off white to light beige to light brown to a deeper brown).

When sending a greeting card to a friend, enclose a small crocheted item as a special gift. Small doilies, bookmarks, coasters and ornaments make inexpensive and delightful gifts that may be enjoyed for years.

When you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays, don’t overlook the possibilities of crocheted doilies. Cluster five or six small red, white and green doilies in a pretty group on the dining room or kitchen table. Add a round bowl of greenery and holiday-colored flowers for a unique centerpiece.

Trim your tree with only handmade crocheted Christmas ornaments. You can make many ornaments from larger patterns by substituting baby yarn or crochet thread and by using a small hook.

When it comes the time of joining motifs for tablecloths, bedspreads or any other items made from simple easy crochet patterns, it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want your work to lie flat, put all four corners together with a slip stitch. If you want a decorative joining that will stand up, use a single crochet.

When a crocheted circle curls it means you are not increasing enough. If you increase too much it will ripple. There are two kinds of “working in round”: (1) Crochet each complete row, join, and then chain up the number of chains as given in the simple easy crochet pattern. (2) Crochet each row; do not join, but count rounds by marking each round. This method gives a smoother finished item.

To keep your work from curling, always chain before you turn. Threads and yarns, except linens, are all plied to be chained before turning. Also, turn your work away from you and to your left (except when crocheting cables), so it will go with the correct twist of your yarn.

When you are purchasing thread or yarn for a potential project, carefully check to make certain you are getting fresh stock and the same dye-lot.

Always wash your hands before working on any thread project to reduce natural oils on the skin that will discolor the tread and may, over tine, cause it to deteriorate. After completion , gently launder your crocheted item with a product recommended for delicate washables, such as Orvus or Woolite. Stains may sometimes be removed by rinsing small items with lemon juice and water, and exposing the crocheted item to sunlight.

When crocheting with black yarn or other dark colors, it will be easier to see your work if you lay a light-colored cloth (such as a purchased cloth napkin) over your lap when crocheting.

To utilize the sales in your local craft store, keep a notebook in your purse of the projects you plan on making, along with all the necessary supplies and amounts needed. By doing this you will never forget the needed material for the project.

Hope these hints were helpful…

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