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Thursday, November 3, 2011


How about last week’s blog; did you enjoy it? Was it informational? This week I’m going to talk about "blocking" and "laundering."

To complete your crocheted article it should be pressed in a special manner known as “blocking”. If it became soiled while working on the crocheted article, launder it before blocking. For blocking, pin the dry article, wrong side up, on a padded ironing board with rust-proof pins, gently stretching and shaping to the measurement specified in the crochet pattern instructions. I use a small piece of Styrofoam like construction workers use in building homes. Cut it to make it bigger than an ironing board; the pins stick in easily and hold your crocheted article in place.

Now that you have your dried article stretched to the size stated in the crochet pattern instructions, it’s time to talk about starching or sizing if your crocheted item is a crocheted doily. I purchase a bottle of liquid starch and a spray bottle. Mix some liquid starch and some water to make a medium starch; mixing instructions are on the bottle of starch. For doilies, spray the crocheted, stretched and pinned crocheted article until it is quite wet and let dry. Before removing the pins, check to see if it is as stiff as you would like for doilies. If not, spray it again until it is wet and let it air dry.

Weekly Specials

When I made the grandchildren their crocheted baby blankets, using a simple easy crochet pattern, I did not stretch them. I put them in a pillowcase, tied it shut with a shoe string and laundered in the clothes washer on gentle action in warm water and used a mild solution of soap. I then removed them from the pillowcase and put in the clothes dryer just a few minutes and then laid the baby blanket out on a bed, shaping to size as specified in the pattern instructions. If washing the crocheted article by hand, wash in warm water with a mild solution of soap. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water followed by several rinses of cool water. When removing article from water, support it with both hands and gently squeeze out excess water. Never wring out articles made with yarn. Roll the crocheted article in a terry towel for a few moments and then slightly dry in clothes dryer for a few minutes and then lay out to finish drying.

I trust some of these directions have been helpful...

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