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Monday, November 7, 2011


As I did more crocheting, I kept advancing in a few more skills and began crocheting doilies from simple easy crochet patterns. My other friend I referred to in my first post was a person that always had a crochet project and hook on her lap, whether it be riding in the car, at home sitting in her easy chair, vacationing, or just about wherever else she went as she might have a few minutes to crochet a few stitches. She always had a project in progress or maybe two or three projects going all at the same time.

She was always looking for a bargain or sale for yarn. She loved yard sales too, looking for more bargains to be found for more yarn. Often she was successful. Often times she would tell me she had enough yarn in her house to open a store for business. Of course, she probably didn’t have enough to open a store, but I know she had lots and lots. She always wanted to have enough yarn on hand of the same likeness so she could make most any project she wanted to do at any time, all the way from slippers to Afghans.

This lady is the one who taught me to crochet with crochet thread. Doilies are made with crochet thread known as ‘bedspread' thread which is a number 10 size. This size of thread is probably the most popular thread used for doilies. Crochet threads with numbers 30 and 20 are finer threads and a little more difficult to crochet with. The finer the thread the more delicate your project will be, almost lacy. Doilies are fun to do but they take a little more concentration to keep up with the printed instructions. She would even try difficult crochet patterns. For me, I would choose the simple easy crochet patterns. Even though I have crocheted for about 40 years, I still search out the simple easy crochet patterns.
Bates Crochet Hook Set Smartglo Pack G-K

Bates Crochet Hook Set Smartglo Pack G-K

Multi-pack sets of crochet hooks come in metal or plastic and in a variety of different sizes. These sets give you a variety of options. Smartglo Pack G-K- Made from lightweight plastic that glows in the dark. You will be able to see your stitches in dimly lit places like movie theaters and cars. No batteries required, they are easily recharged in natural or artificial light in just minutes. This set includes US G-6, H-8, I-9, J-10 and K-10.5.

She and her husband and my husband and I spent a lot of time camping together on holiday weekends, vacation time from our employers, or any other time we could figure out how to get away to camp. Both families had a motor home and we would get camping sites side by side so we would be able to share crocheting time and have our meals together (except breakfast). When morning chores were done, my friend and I would gather up our project bags in which our supplies were carried in, and we spent parts of our vacation days crocheting together. What fun! Our husbands did a lot of just watching what was going on in the campgrounds and noticing how incoming campers should or should not set up the way they did. Our camping days are over now; and my friend has passed from this world to her eternal home.

I miss her dearly; and I would like to ask her more crocheting questions.

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