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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Do you ever feel like you are about to be swallowed up with all your crochet stuff? Yarn here, hooks there, and simple easy crochet patterns elsewhere. Here are some tips on getting your home crochet clutter-free.

First, it is important to get all your crochet supplies organized, and then it will make your life so much easier. It will help you find the yarn and supplies you need quickly, make your home neater and even save you money. How is it going to save me money, you ask. Depends on how many times you say to yourself, “I know I have a ball of blue yarn around here somewhere… Oh, well, I’ll pick up another one on my next shopping trip.”

Getting organized can also help your life run smoother especially if you have a husband who doesn’t appreciate finding yarn in the trunk of the car. Confiscating his new fishing tackle box to store your hooks, needles and row markers may not make him happy either – get one of your own. Just make sure it is not bigger or fancier than his, or he is likely to try to con you out of yours.

If your craft supplies are invading every room of your house, set aside a day to make a big mess and get all of your supplies together in one room. As you are organizing, bite the bullet and throw away or give away those half-finished or barely-begun projects you had going since whenever. There are many senior adults who would love to have some handiwork to do but can’t afford to purchase the supplies. You’ll feel much better, and you will have so much more space once they are out of the way.

Assemble some new storage containers for reorganizing your stash – these can be purchased or can be things you already have around the house. Some suggestions would be to use shopping bags with handles hung on hangers, plastic zippered blanket bags, old suitcases, shoe boxes and baby wipe containers. You will find these items all work well.

And after you are finished with your organizing project, then it is time to go shopping. For more yarn, of course!

Happy organizing…

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