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Monday, November 7, 2011


In my first post I told you that I had a very good friend and also a close neighbor that taught me the art of crocheting. Several years after that, she became pregnant and with much excitement. In the meantime her mom had started crocheting a christening gown from a simple easy crochet pattern for the coming grandchild. Before the mom was able to finish the gown, she passed away. Of course, my friend was devastated.

My friend was a teacher for preschool aged children, lead a very active role in her church’s music program, and was a very all-round busy lady. By this time she felt I knew enough about crocheting to ask me for a special favor. One day she came to me with the unfinished christening gown and asked if I would be able to finish her mom’s unfinished project. She indicated that the pattern was not with the gown and it could not be found, but that the thread was with the gown. My friend explained that she was too busy with all the things going on at the time to try to finish the gown by the time it would be needed. With some hesitation I took on the project to try to finish the gown.

In studying the kinds of stitches that were used, I soon was able to pick up the simple easy crochet pattern of the gown. I started on it and soon finished the precious christening gown for the family. They were thrilled that I could take another person's project, figure it out, and was able to finish it in ample time. Actually, I was amazed too, as I had never had done that before. The new baby looked just beautiful in the newly finished christening gown.

A Happy Ending to an Unfinished Project.

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